Every human has few dreams 🌜🌜, and am also one from them who really want to achieve something different than others in my life so I started my blogging journey because ,I love to create and recreate new style and looks. Even though I knew nothing about blogging but still i had stepped further in this profession to get more information about it. After a lot of research about blogging , I decided to opt it as my profession as I could see my dream ahead!


I live in South Florida and love to click my beautiful life memories by using Nikon DSLR. Most of the time, I love to take my own photos. My style philosophy is simple but trendy on budget. I like to experiment with fashion besides this I am not a professional makeup artist,however, I did a mini course on Makeup. I am very comfortable applying makeup on my face rather than on someone’s else.


I am happily married and a mom of two wonderful kids.

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